Building super-dimensional world

The Metaverse project under development by DA! Team.

A place for silicon-based life inception enabled by carbon creatures.

With technological singularity approaching, the human-made digital universe will reach unprecedented complexity so we would not be able to distinguish real and virtual. Powered by imagination, life and art merge, everything becomes a single continuum. Unrestricted by gravity and geometry laws, super-dimensional spaces will become a new habitation of our civilization, which we will share with artificial intelligence nature

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METOWER in the Metaverse

The pilot project in the DA! Metaverse.

Multidimensional tower, a pioneering platform of the new digital creator's economy.

In cooperation with Ant Group

In progress

Project team: Anna Andronova, Sun Lidong, Hua Qun, Haonan Wang, Yingxuan Tang

Recent activities



The first NFT collection of surreal worlds by the metaverse architect Anna Andronova is available on OpenSea platform.

100% hand-painted black-and-white - as in binary code of 0 and 1 - artworks turn into portals of virtual worlds.Back in 2016, this is one of the earliest architectural theses on Metaverse, envisioning the future in the technological singularity age when it will be impossible to distinguish where is the real world, and where is the virtual one.

The collection is dedicated to the artist's personal exhibition opening in Hangzhou.

Exhibition introduction (in Chinese)

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