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Nanchang, China 

A real city lies not in its appearance, but in its vitality. Only cultural self-confidence in real life can establish people’s sense of belonging to a city.

A commercial block is the epitome of a city. As the soul of a city, Shengjin pagoda is known as “both water and fire, sitting in the river city”. It is the treasure of Nanchang people. It carries the memory and future of people from generation to generation.

The design starts from the overall thinking of how to establish the relationship between the commercial block and the rope pagoda. The device is located at the entrance and exit at one end of the rope pagoda commercial block. It activates the whole commercial block in a way of “finishing touch”. It directly talks with the rope Pagoda in the distance by means of “blooming” and establishes the spatial dimension of observing and examining the rope pagoda from different angles.

The landmark of art installation is not only a visual impact, but also a dramatic life scene that gathers urban activities and stimulates communication and imagination. “Blooming and rich” is like a flower growing and blooming from the ground, and also like a water fountain.

Like a rope pagoda, this floating ceiling is divided into 8 sides, corresponding to the eight columns of the existing structure. People can enter from all directions. The roof is equipped with openable function and will provide effective sun and rain protection. At night, when the lights are on, the projection technology is used to light up the device and interact with different images in real time. People are spontaneously attracted by the device and come here to stop, rest and interact. People touch the Hu Lu copper top on the top of the tower of “flowers bloom and wealth” with both hands for blessing activities. This unique public art device will drive a sustainable business model and form a virtuous circle of art, commerce and culture, Stimulating the vitality of the city is the real and effective model for the development of the city.

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