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Lishui, Zhejiang, China

Shan-Shui City Creative Award

In consortium with IND Architects and B+B Bureau

Being an entry to the Future ShanShui City · Dwellings in Lishui Mountains International Urban Design Competition, our concept is rather an artistic philosophical statement on our future life than a single planning project. We call it an improvisation city.

Lishui city grows within the framework of the biggest Chinese philosophical “Tianxia" concept (literally “Under heaven”), which describes the world as a whole unity of all living beings. Our design is our language to criticize current and propose new value system: from efficiency to harmony, from human-centric to all-living-beings world, from planning to improvisation.

In improvisation city everyone is an artist – time, environment and human continuously inspire and shape each other. Improvisation space follows feeling, reconnects nature with us by spirit. Under heaven on a changing planet, only together we can keep making the greatest artwork – a story of our civilization.

As a young architectural firm, DA! Architects took the lead in the international consortium with IND Architects (Russia) and Bureau B+B (Netherlands). Some competitions are not meant to win, but to compete with masters on the same stage, constantly challenge ourselves and tune our own voice.

Lishui: Improvisation under heaven: Welcome
Lishui: Improvisation under heaven: Work
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