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Derbent, Dagestan, Russia


In consortium with IND architects, SWA Group and ADEPT

consultants KnightFrank and RussiaDiscovery

Derbent is a southern treasury on the silk road; a city full of legends carved in sandstone, tempting smells, beautiful voices; a city where mountains and sea almost kiss each other; a city where nations happily live together.

Ascending from the ancient citadel through the meandering magal streets, lighting up old houses, flying above the railway towards the sea and vigorously spreading along the new embankment, renewed Derbent awaits its splendour futures.

Derbent means a lot to DA!

Here we said DA! (“yes” in Russian) to each other. With over 10,000 guests, it was the most multinational wedding in the world; and now we are part of this great family.

Derbent Spreads its Wings: Welcome
Derbent Spreads its Wings: Work
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