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Kaifeng, Henan, China


In cooperation with IND Architects

Two dragons – one hiding underground and one soaring free in the sky – keep secrets of Kaifeng ancient city. Their twisting red bodies join under- and overground spaces, symbolizing the sensual discovery path, inviting visitors to undertake a deep time journey.

We proposed an immersive theatre in a traditional siheyuan quadrangle courtyard to reveal the hidden dimension of the historical setting, bringing a sense of mystery and adventure to the place.

Our design approach pursues innovative reconstruction by finding an unexpected potential of the place with respect to local cultural codes. In the end of Shuanglong Lane, we radically go underground, creating a mysterious immersive theatre and museum as a “high point” of the whole street.

"Hidden Dragon" won the first prize in the Space Scene Invited International Design Competition in Kaifeng, Henan.

Kaifeng Immersive Theatre and Museum: Welcome
Kaifeng Immersive Theatre and Museum: Work
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