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Shadow of Aurora

Sanya, Hainan, China
2023 Hainan International Culture & Creativity Week

Art installation

Project team: Anna Andronova、Sun Lidong、Zhou Tianye, Shi Heming, Yuan Ming

Floating and shadowless, gentle and invisible - as nature itself - the "Shadow of Aurora" reveals light and freedom.


 The design inspiration for the artistic installation comes from the aurora and Hainan Island beach landscape. The gauze floats with the breeze, just like the aurora dancing in the sky. The installation accompanies the romantic beach and slowly ripples people's mood, creating emotions and feeling.


In the "Shadow of Aurora", the characteristics of freedom and art can be seen everywhere. Floating green balloons sway up and down, graceful gauze floats in the wind, the rising white fog is pulled and deformed by the sun, and colorful bubbles stretch and relax in laughter. These images bring a sense of innocence, lightness, antigravity, and ascent to people. They are combined with sand, blue sky, flowing water, sea breeze, and sunlight to form a harmonious form with limited materials and elements. With the emotional desires of designers, they form an organic interaction with natural things, and are open to all audiences who unconsciously perceive and experience, inspiring them to think differently about architecture, art, and life.


When night comes, we will use LED lights to simulate the beautiful glow of the aurora, creating a unique and unforgettable visual effect through light changes and color mixing, bringing a soft, mysterious, and immersive atmosphere to the beach environment.


We hope this device can become a special experience and a beautiful artwork for people traveling on Hainan Island.

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