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Meta Bagua City: rethinking the Eastern Utopia City in the Metaverse age

Client: Meta Culture


Many Chinese digital platforms recently released their ‘metaverse’ vision, but Bagua City by MetaGalaxy has one of the most comprehensive planning systems.

Instead of dividing fictional land into ‘plots’, Bagua metaverse was designed as a replicating galaxy system of independent worlds. Available as an independent mobile phone app, PC standalone and VR experience, Bagua City intends to make a common virtual world.


Eight districts carry the eight aspects of the future metaverse lifestyle: culture, entertainment, business, heritage, public, health. Economic system is based on yin and yang, which produce eight elements through various combinations. 


The central park consists of eight galleries, where everyone can show their works. The first ring is for public functions, such as exchange plaza, performing arts centre. The second ring has occupied by companies, such as YiDeGe, WanLin, Shanhaijing, Zhonguangcun. The third ring reserved for thematic zones. The star corners called ‘instantons’ are virtual spaceships, which can form a new land by recombining.


Yin and Yang, 0 and 1, new era for Chinese culture!

Water Chair: Welcome
BAGUA City: Gallery
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