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METAGALAXY sets a new dimension for architecture in the Metaverse age.


METAGALAXY aims to merge physical and digital realities, making inspiring and empowering phygital experiences. We develop designs through improvisation and storytelling. With headquarters currently based in Dream Town tech incubator in Hangzhou, we operate without boundaries internationally. Started as an experimental architecture studio DA! Architects in 2015, our team got more than 100 professional awards, ranging from urban design to installations


We are doing any kind of META-DESIGN: architecture and environments; 2D, 3D and motion graphics; branding, AI and generative designs to empower all kinds of metaverse projects with superdimensional spatial experience. Meta-professional creators’ team will help you to integrate with existing virtual world platforms or execute an independent physical/virtual space solution.


We operate on the principle of the whole process transparency and inclusivity. You will get not only the design itself, but experience its vision and narrative development, engage in the process and decision-making, and meet each one in the team behind. This way, we believe, is the only long-term trust and community in Web3.


In the future, METAGALAXY will stand for DECENTRALIZED ARCHITECTURE - the DAO platform for virtual world creators. We will accumulate sources for creative exchange, collaboration, learning and promotion, as well as fund promising projects.


We believe architects have a unique value in shaping human civilization's next habitat.

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