DA! means ‘GREAT’ in Chinese and ‘YES’ in Russian.  Founded by Anna Andronova and Sun Lidong, our international studio says ‘yes’ to great projects. We develop designs through improvisation and storytelling.

DA! became as an independent studio in December 2019 after winning the Jincheng Park International Competition to build our very first building - a Blossoming Souls Restaurant in Chengdu.

Since then, we keep weaving romantic narratives in every project, always starting with a watercolour, to make spiritual places in a constant dialogue with nature and human. We believe in intuitive, improvised architecture, which can co-live with their inhabitants and evolve through time.

In total, our studio has more than 100 awards, ranging from urban design to installations, done solely and in consortiums. Beyond any borders, DA! has the ambition to weave our architecture in the greatest artwork - a story of our civilization.