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Chengdu, Sichuan, China 
Under construction
Jincheng Park International Competition First Prize
In cooperation with HAPPEN Architects

Currently under construction, this project is a landmark of our studio.

Winning the first prize in the competition set our studio as an independent practice.

The flower restaurant is an architectural expression of the natural life beauty, and we tried to keep the pure aesthetics during the design deepening process. We can envision lots of people visiting this man- and nature-improvised space with the soft blossoming roof and this unique experience brings them more understanding and sensitivity to nature. 


In this flower-themed restaurant, we respond in a soft way to the environment and functional requirements, covering a building area of 5200 ㎡ with a curved green roof. Later we designed a grid structural system, which can support this roof without any visual interference. The refined curvilinear plan, which more resembles a garden than a building, not only accommodates the restaurant program, but invites visitors to pass through the story of flowers.

We believe people need to temporarily fade their social attributes, return to the human self, fill their hearts with a gratitude for resources gifted by mother nature. Flowers give value and meaning to the building. With the seasonal change, a layer of fluidity is added to the space: "In the eternal peace of nature man finds himself again".

Blossoming Souls project is about freedom, kindness and dream to create a sacred space to express respect for life and land. We want the people who come here to give flowers to themselves as if they were dedicated to God.